We’re Arenamation, a design firm specializing in the creation of big screen motion graphics for sports.   


Our bread and butter. Our designers have years of experience working in this challenging aspect ratio. No more endless streams of repeating logos.  [What is a "ribbon board"?]



We create original 3D games, intro videos, and stadium fly-throughs. 

Arenamation has created graphics in nearly every major sports venue in the U.S., both professional and college.



Capitalize on setting the momentum for the game with a high intensity, mood setting introduction video.  

Why Work With Arenamation?


With a design studio in the New York area and an expansive extended network of design professionals, we are able to provide tremendous value to our clients. Arenamation was built on the idea of providing high-end, broadcast quality work that doesn’t cost as much as Toy Story 3.

  • Custom creative content. We never reuse animations and never work off of templates.

  • Producers and artists with direct experience working in game entertainment, live events, and advertising

  • 24/7 customer service support

  • Business focused entirely on sports motion graphics, not web design, not equipment sales, not print work

  • Simple, affordable, upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Prices based on projects, not hours

  • Unlimited rounds of revisions until we get it right

  • Sophisticated client extranet system to track and archive projects

Since every project is so different, please contact us for a project quote. We provide a simple pricing structure devoid of any surprises.


Phone: 888-820-0505